Serve. Connect. Grow.
We firmly believe that you get out of Church, what you put into it.
If you want to get connected, consider serving in the life of EC & the community.
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There is nothing more important than making new visitors feel welcome.  Attending a new church for the first time is intimidating and we make every possible effort to make our guests feel right at home.
If you would like to be a part of guest services and help make a difference, contact Angie for more information.
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We believe Psalm 22:3, that “God dwells within the praises of His people”. Worship is not just a song, a band, or an environment, but it’s about coming into God’s presence to praise Him and celebrate what He has done for us.  
If you would like to serve on our worship team, please contact Alex for more information. 
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Everyone has hurts, habits, and hangups.  Some of those issues are more destructive than others.  We are all in need of love and understanding.  Recovery at Seymour offers help with recovery from a wide variety of issues that can rob us of our joy and even our lives.
If you are interested in serving and getting involved with Recovery, please visit them online, or contact  Jason Gattis.
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CROSS Food Ministry is a local food bank & assistance ministry, serving the Seymour community. CROSS is operated by faithful volunteers, supported by local individuals, churches and businesses, and seeks to make a true Kingdom impact in Seymour.
If you are interested in serving with CROSS, please call them at (865)-579-6192, or visit them online